Design / Build

By utilizing the design-build approach, RCG offers a full service solution to its clients. RCG manages all of the components of the construction throughout the project and is able to streamline the construction process. This integrated approach provides clients a significant cost advantage, faster completion times, and the delivery of an exceptional product at a great value.

Design-Build Advantage

By selecting a design build firm you stream-line your time, energy and effort. The ability to move from concept to design while receiving costing projections well before a completed set of documents helps maximize time and energy all from one location. Plan knowledge and preset budgets maintains cost control while helping to avoid lost production and days estimating and costing material alternates. Permitting submittal and updates are easily handled in-house without need for extended paperwork and RFI’s. Continued Design support ensures a finished product that everyone is proud of on time and in budget.


Traditional Timeline

Old style design requires lots of owner time and efforts often selecting Architects, Engineers and Interior Design Teams that have to be coordinated and often times different offices or scheduling. Development of plans and routes to permitting are often slowed by lack of coordination or ability to work congruently. The bidding and sometimes permitting process can be extremely aggravating and drawn out further extending the time frame from design to construction. Changes orders are far too common as contractors and Architects have split responsibility to the client.


Benefits of RCG’s Design-Build Services

  • Speed of Completion
  • Cost Savings / Value Engineering Design
  • Single Point of Responsibility
  • Expertise and Quality
  • Less Administrative Oversight
  • Reduced Risk

To compliment our design-build services RCG offers a host of consulting services for our clients including:

  • Site Selection
  • Concept and Brand Development
  • Menu Development
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Training and Talent Development
  • Operational Process and Support